Aiweidy 21st anniversary gyeongsang province tourism

After a storm comes a calm is good weather, when the tour bus driving up to the company, our journey began. Guide humor occasionally make everyone laugh, interpretation is also let everybody has increased a lot of knowledge in the happiness. Also beautiful scenery along the way, let a person heart pleasing to the eye, the tropic of cancer park, hot springs, lake and so on, everyone at the time of appreciate beauty don't forget to take photos as a souvenir, could you help me I help you to pat.


After tasted farm-style rice full drinking, we drove to the key scenic spots, today a day south the first ladder and 9999 steps of white water village scenic area. Along the way everyone is talking about the today how many how many steps, must come up to the heart of excited mood.according. Really see the beauty of the picturesque scenery, friends all shocked, so beautiful. Water play with children play together, groups must pull to the top of the mountain, look at that mountain waterfalls, take out a cellular phone or camera to photo as a souvenir, more have to conquer the whole mountain, a few hours some has climbed to 4999 steps, arrived at the top of the mountain lake, see the beauty of the lake. The quiet lake and waterfall movement has existed, is in the white water village one mountain. We convinced by accident of nature, the scenery is so beautiful, have a kind of brief encounter feeling. Because of travel time is always limited, at 4 PM with don't give up on the way home.


Tourism of dribs and drabs, laughter is still in the ears of everyone. Thanks to the company organization of the travel, not only enhance the friendship between the colleague, we have more mutual understanding, also increased the sense of identity and pride of the company. We treat careful meticulous of work, we are also deeply loves the life. Looking forward to the next trip!


Gratitude, I wish you a happy 21st birthday! We also thank all hard workers, gratitude all trust our guests. We believe that we will do better, in a more full state, more enthusiasm and better service to our customer.