Lighting the lamp and its function is introduced

1, the surface light

In stage unfolds, the audience at the top of the lamp, is the first and second light, the floor behind the central load surface light, spotlight and so on also has similar action.

Surface light is indispensable in the stage. After the main lands to the front of the stage (e.g., the curtain line 8 to 10 m), for character modelling or constitute the stereo effect of objects on the stage.

With lamps and lanterns: multi-purpose spotlights, adjustable focal length and aperture, a small amount of using back light, follow spot and device.

2, the side light

In upstairs theatre audience flanks are installed parts of lamps and lanterns, light lands from either side at the front of the stage

Supplement area light

With lamps and lanterns: surface light

3, a slap in the face

Around a slap in the face, unfolds the left and right sides of the stage near the entablature position, the light from the side lands on the stage.

Similar to surface light, around a cross into the lands center stage, to strengthen the stage scenery and props and characters of the stereo feeling. Is an essential part of stage light, especially can be used as a dance of the spotlight, along with the actors. Each part of face should be able to shoot the stage.

With lamps and lanterns, spotlights, light back

4.Top light

Concentrated at the top of their big behind the lamps and lanterns, generally in a drop of suspension bridge, also can be installed on the derrick, the main lands in the rear projection, from the entablature eaves curtain order for the installation of: a light, top light, top light, four light;

Projection in the back of the lands, with clamp installed on the pipe, in the required position, also can be hung on the derrick (such as tracking mechanism), mainly used for occasion requires strong illumination from above. Respectively from the front, upper and hind leg cast, according to the different time requirements, determine the direction, beam and the aperture.

The spotlight

5, the top row of light

Stage of the upper row of the lamp, behind the scenes in every eaves edge on derrick, form the rows of lights, be a row of light, the second row, three rows of light, etc.

To the whole stage with uniform illumination, used for lands or set, to make uniform lighting layout, with the top should keep a certain distance between light. This is a kind of indispensable stage light, meeting, reporting, performance needs, general theater 3-4 rows, row deep stage can increase 1 to 2.

With lamps and lanterns: floodlight

6, column of light

Unfolds within the stage on both sides of the lamps and lanterns, in a "mouth" telescopic activities or in a vertical steel shelves above, the light from the mouth inside to lands. In order to can be called in the second column, column three light, etc. Also known as a ladder, the inside of the light, the inner ear.

Make up for a lack of light, a slap in the face. Its role is similar to the first two, can change the color or for the use of the spotlights

Light projection distance closer, smaller power, general with spotlights, also can use a small amount of soft light

7, feet light

In article unfolds outside the lips of the lamp. Light upward from the bedplate casting after closing the curtain of actors face or lower

Can make up the surface light too steep, eliminate the nose under the shadow, also can according to the requirements of the plot, cast light for the actors to enhance art modelling, make up for the inadequacy of top light, side light. At the close to unfolds below, also can use color change background color; Song and dance drama can be used to illuminate the actors and clothing with a foot to enhance effect

With lamps and lanterns: using spherical, parabolic or ellipsoid reflector rows of uniform illumination lamps and lanterns. Power for 60-100 w and 200 w

8, side light

Bridge tops in the wings of light, the light from the high on the stage on both sides. Bridge from low to high order called can be divided into a side tunnel is light, side light, three side light, and on the left side of the light, on the right side of the points of light, sometimes referred to as the bridge of light

Auxiliary lighting lighting the actor's face, and can strengthen the set level

The spotlight

9.Day row of light

Installed on the upper stage of the boom before the awning, lamps and lanterns is specially prone shooting backdrop

Sky scenery lighting, located in tailor-made awning roof light on the bridge, horizontal distances between anode and awning is generally 2-6 m, because sky scenery requirements have enough brightness, in light of the power is larger, light color transformation also more color (4-6), color don't goes back much, parallel and uniform lighting requirements. Can be installed for a row, row, row also can be divided into the lower level

With lamps and lanterns: floodlights, uniform illumination, light Angle is as large as possible

10, to light

The counter before in awning, or set up in the gutter, is lifted up the lamps and lanterns of awning. Such as awning with plastic, can be put on the ground after the awning lamp backlighting

Rows of lamps and lanterns evenly on the stage or on the floor behind the inside floor groove, 1-2 m from the awning. Used to represent the horizon, a horizontal line, high mountains, sunrise, sunset, etc. Between the sky and the horizon (horizontal) land lamp lighting, can show the effect of the "infinite distance"

With lamps and lanterns: floodlights, such as performance of day and night, morning and evening, four seasons, cloud transform, etc., should also use cloud lights, effect lights, such as slide since the lower according to the awning

11, the flow of light

Refers to on the counter with a lamp, can flow at any time of the lamps and lanterns

At the flank side curtain stage, the purpose is to strengthen the atmosphere and its Angle can temporarily moved. High light about 2 m, general power is larger. Irradiation actors from the side, like the sun. Thus, need to pull over on both sides of the stage curtain set in a certain number of bolt, in a stage in the floor, and affix

With lamps and lanterns: the spotlight, back light, soft light, etc