Aiweidy lighting engineering - conghua SOSO grand CLUB industry

Aiweidy lighting project in guangzhou conghua SOSO CLUB, late November 18 grand industry. The night scene. In beauty DJ led, the glittering lights with rock music, tide people enjoy the happy time at the moment. SOSO CLUB shop to build first-class trendy bars nightclubs conghua, leading the city nightlife. Aiweidy lighting is committed to bar engineering lighting design, installation, debugging, absolutely first-class quality and technical team, serve you wholeheartedly!



A classic song singer live


The bright light



Aiweidy lighting to create the most fashionable, most trend of first-class bars nightclubs, no matter in technology or the quality of the light, will be your best choice for bars nightclubs lighting brand. In this also thank you for your hard work, thanks to conghua SOSO CLUB boss to our trust, wish SOSO CLUB business is thriving, source of money widely enter!